Natural Resources

Natural Resources, a division of the Public Works Department, is comprised of three major areas of responsibility: forestry, water resources, and erosion control. Working together with other city divisions, Natural Resources assists with policies, management, and preservation of the city’s trees, landscapes, lakes, and ponds.

Erosion Control


Water Resources 

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  1. Attend a Free Gardening Workshop and Learn More About Gardening Grants

    Landscaping for Clean Water workshops will be held again in 2019. See stunning examples, learn about benefits to water and wildlife, learn about grants. You don't have to live on the water to help improve the water. Eco-friendly can be beautiful. Read on...
  2. Bring the Beauty of Your Native or Raingarden Inside with a Sun Print - the Latest from CleanWaterMN

    Winter doesn't have to spell the end of your enjoyment of your native plant garden or raingarden. Read on...
  3. Reducing Winter Salt Application - A Quick Reminder on How to Protect Our Lakes in Winter

    Salt pollutes. Snowmelt and rain wash leftover sidewalk salt into local lakes and groundwater. Once there, it cannot be removed. Too much salt can harm fish and plants in local lakes. Follow these tips to reduce your impact when clearing snow and ice. Read on...
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