Natural Resources

Natural Resources, a division of the Public Works Department, is comprised of three major areas of responsibility: forestry, water resources, and erosion control. Working together with other city divisions, Natural Resources assists with policies, management, and preservation of the city’s trees, landscapes, lakes, and ponds.

Erosion Control


Water Resources 

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  1. Don't Delay - Prune Trees Now to Avoid Spreading Tree Diseases

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    These aren't just any kind of gardens. Oh, no. They are beautiful gardens that improve water quality in local lakes and provide pollinator habitat. Let us help you install a new raingarden, native plant garden, or pond/lake buffer in your yard. Read on...
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    Emerald Ash Borer, is an insect that kills ash trees over time. Some of the signs of an Emerald Ash Borer infestation are most easily seen in winter. Do you know what they are? Read on...
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