Code Enforcement

  • Addresses questions and concerns our residents and local business owners have regarding city ordinance guidelines and possible violations of properties 
  • Listens to each report to determine whether it is an issue that requires an inspection and follow-up, dispatching to the appropriate city department; or if it is a civil issue to be handled outside of the confines of city government 
  • Offers advice on how to stay in compliance with the guidelines of the ordinances 
  • Promotes public awareness and actively addresses city code violations

Tips on Managing Trash and Recycling Containers
Attached at the following link is a PowerPoint that explains trash container storage requirements and shares best practices for container storage.

Short Term Rentals
The City recently updated and clarified ordinances relating to short-term rentals. See the Short-Term Rental FAQ here. 

Group Homes
Residents frequently have questions about Group Homes located in their neighborhood. A helpful guide has been created to provide residents guidance for common Group Home questions and can be found here.

Click Here to Report a Code Violation

  1. Lighting arrangements that work for you and your neighbors!

    Strategically placed lighting can be effective in creating safe and pleasant environments around your home and property. When installing and arranging lighting, property owners should be mindful of potentially adverse effects on neighboring properties. Read on...
  2. Incorporate visual screening at your property to improve the aesthetic in your neighborhood!

    In Apple Valley, screening requirements are established to protect the aesthetic quality of properties and neighborhoods. Ordinances require items, when stored outside, to be fully screened from public view by adjacent properties and right of ways. Read on...
  3. Understand and follow parking requirements in residential neighborhoods!

    To preserve the peaceful character of residential neighborhoods throughout the City, the City of Apple Valley restricts the total number of passenger vehicles that may be parked outside at a residential property to four (4) at any time. Read on...
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