Natural Resources Management Permit (NRMP)

A NRMP is required for any project disturbing 3,500 square feet or more or displacing 20 cubic yards of soil or more. Contact Natural Resources at (952) 953-2464 with questions.

A NRMP may also be required for the following, regardless of the project's size or amount of soil disturbed: 
  • All commercial and industrial projects
  • Garage additions 
  • In-ground pools 
  • New home construction 
  • Residential home additions (decks, family rooms, porches) 
  • Retaining walls 4 feet high and higher 
  • Significant tree removal (City Ordinance Section 152.46)  Any healthy deciduous tree measuring eight inches or greater in diameter, or any coniferous tree measuring six inches or greater in diameter, at four and one-half feet above grade.

Obtaining a Permit

  • Check with Building Inspections to see if a building permit is required. 
  • Submit your plans along with your building permit and NRMP application at least 15 days before your desired start of work date.
  • You will be contacted after review of your application. 
  • Submit your fees and financial security online to receive your permit. A copy of the fee schedule can be found here. Pending no onsite issues, financial security is returned upon site stabilization and project completion. 
  • Call Natural Resources at (952) 953-2462 to schedule an initial inspection.

Keep in Mind

  • Erosion and sediment control measures must be in place before any clearing or grading begins. These temporary controls help contain sediment on your property and keep it out of our storm sewers, lakes, ponds, and wetlands. 
  • Once your control measures are in place, call Natural Resources at (952) 953-2462 to schedule an erosion control inspection prior to the start of your project.
  • City Ordinance §155.350 limits the percentage of impervious (hard) surfaces a homeowner can create on their property. These percentages can vary depending on lot size and location. Please feel free to review the link below to learn more.