At Home and In Your Yard

The Shore Out Your Front Door
Your yard connects directly to your neighborhood pond or lake through the stormwater drain in the curb on your street.  Water and pollutants entering stormwater drains do not receive treatment before entering local waterbodies.  If it goes down the drain, it ends up in the pond.  Because of this direct connection, what we do at home has a direct effect on local waterbodies.  To see this connection in action, play the game.

 Dump No Waste, Drains to Lake

The following substance can have harmful effects if they make it into local waterbodies:

Reporting a Spill or Illicit Discharge (illegal dumping)

To report a spill, please call 911 or Dakota County Dispatch at 952-322-2323

Gardening and Home Improvements with a Purpose

Reducing the amount of rainwater runoff coming from your property is the easiest way to make it more water friendly. Excess runoff can cause flooding or pick up pollutants as it runs over the ground to the nearest stormwater drain. The following practices reduce the amount of water or pollutants in water running off your property by soaking water into the ground, filtering water through plants, or temporarily storing water on your property. Landscaping courses are available through the Dakota County Soil and Water Conservation District, Landscaping for Clean Water Workshops and the City offer grants through our Rainwater Rewards program

More tips on environmentally friendly yard care practices can be viewed in the Backyard Watershed - A Clean Water Companion. Visit the site and take the water quality pledge! 

Get the Word Out

You can check out a stormwater drain stenciling kit or request a speaker for your group by contacting Apple Valley Natural Resources at (952) 953-2400.  Other volunteer opportunities may also be available.