Canoe Rack Rental

Canoe Rack Rental on Apple Valley Lakes

Store Your Watercraft Where You Can Use It Easily

You can rent a canoe rack on the following Apple Valley lakes:
  • Cobblestone Lake
  • Farquar   
  • Lac Lavon

Racks will be available for watercraft defined as canoes, kayaks and sailboards. All other craft may be considered for a permit at the sole discretion of the Parks and Recreation Department.

APPLY FOR A WATER CRAFT RACK RENTAL STARTING JANUARY 1. All rentals are on a first come first served basis. 

PLEASE NOTE: Space is limited. The Apple Valley Parks and Recreation Department cannot guarantee assignment of a rack to all applicants. 

To set up your online account and schedule a watercraft rack rental go to the reservation/registration catalog at Information available by calling the Parks and Recreation Dept. at  (952) 953-2300.