Residential Burglary Prevention Tips

Free Home Premise Surveys
The Apple Valley Police Department offers free home premise surveys for anyone living in Apple Valley. We will come out to your house and check it for security features such as locks, lighting and landscaping. We will then make recommendations on what you can do to better secure your home. To take advantage of this service, simply call Crime Prevention Specialist Pam Walter at 952-953-2706 or email to set up an appointment.

What you can do...
  • Always shut your overhead garage door if you have one.
  • Lock the service door that goes from your garage into your home. Use of a deadbolt lock is recommended.
  • If you have a garage service door that goes outside, be sure that is locked. Again, use of a deadbolt lock is recommended.
  • Remember to lock all doors and windows overnight and when you are gone from your home.
  • Report all suspicious activity or if you realize you are a victim of any crime.
  • If you park your vehicle outside, remember to lock it and remove your garage door opener if it is parked for an extended period of time or overnight.
  • Secure any landscaping rock/materials and don't leave any items outside that may be used to break a window or vandalize your home/vehicles. (i.e. shovels, tools, rocks, etc.)
  • If you notice a neighbor's garage door open late in the evening, please call your neighbor and notify them or close it for them.
  • Leave outdoor lights on from dusk to dawn. Lighting is a very good crime deterrent.