Polishing the Apple

Polishing The Apple
Polishing the Apple encourages value added investment in Apple Valley neighborhoods. It’s a collaborative effort between the City, lenders, contractors, and the Chamber of Commerce; to be launched at the April 4, 2020, Chamber Home and Garden Expo. On Thursday, January 30, staff will be meeting with Apple Valley financial institutions to better understand their resources that homeowners might benefit from.

The 2020 residential marketplace has restored previous housing values. For the homeowner that wants to decide whether to move or improve, it offers an opportunity to take a look at and consider staying in their home. For the buyer, it jump starts their possibilities. For the empty nester or senior homeowner, it shares information that improves livability and aging-in-place in the City. For the homeowner with less means, it connects them to programs and resources at more affordable terms from multiple contributors.