City Business During a Pandemic

As a result of pandemic mitigation efforts, the City may change some of the traditional ways it provides services to decrease the risk of the spread of disease.  The City appreciates your patience and understanding that such measures may be necessary.  The City is committed to providing essential services without interruption.  Many services can be accomplished through this website.  City employees will continue to provide assistance over the phone, even if a government building is closed to the public.  Below are some service delivery changes and the ways the City will continue to provide those services during the pandemic:

Police Department Services

The Police Department encourages people to reduce face-to-face contact and file an e-report for gathering information about non-person and after the fact crimes.  People should continue to call 911 during an emergency.  The E-Report is intended as a means for the public to provide police with information, while not risking exposure by giving report information in person.  File an E-Report

Police non-essential educational and public outreach services are suspended until further notice.  This includes, but is not limited to fingerprinting, drug disposal, community or neighborhood watch meetings, tours, talks, ride-a-longs, child seat installation, and citizen’s academies.

Building Inspection Services

All inspections (except those listed below) on existing single family dwellings, townhomes, apartments, and duplexes will be scheduled and conducted as normal as long as everyone in the home is healthy. If anyone in the home is unhealthy for any reason, inspections will be conducted in a different manner. Please call our inspections department at 952-953-2588 if someone in your home is unhealthy, and we will work with you to create an inspection process that is safe for the inspectors, workers, and residents. Options that may be used to inspect your project will be through one of the following methods: 

1.  FaceTime if you have an iPhone
2.  Video Chat (such as Skype, Google Duo, etc.)
3.  Pictures at the site viewed outside or sent via email
4.  Based on the location of the work to be inspected, on-site inspections may still be  completed with protective measures such as: social distancing of six feet, wearing gloves/masks, etc.

More information on modified building inspections services

Temporary Building Closures to the Public

Buildings that are closed to the public at this time include:  the Municipal Center (City Hall), Central Maintenance Facility, Community Center, Senior/ Event Center, Hayes Park Arena, Apple Valley Sports Arena, Johnny Cake Ridge Road Activity Center, Redwood Community Center, and Valleywood Clubhouse.  While the buildings are closed to the public, City staff will still be working and available to assist people via telephone and e-mail.

All three Liquor Stores are currently closed to the public..

City Meetings Via Telephone or Electronic Means

The Council has directed that regular, special and emergency meetings of the council, commissions and committees of the City may be conducted by telephone or other electronic means until such time as in-person meetings can resume in a practical and prudent manner.  Meetings will still be available for viewing via webstreaming or Cable TV as they have in the past.  For those who want to add public comment, there is a means to register to participate in the meeting.  Links for those wishing to participate are posted under the Calendar item for the meeting and under a news item on the home page and the respective meeting body pages.

City Parks

Park trails remain open.  Please follow CDC guidelines on social distancing while on the trails.  City park playground equipment is closed under the Governor’s order.