Inspections COVID-19

Restaurant Interim Temporary Outdoor Dining Permit

Please submit your form via e-mail to the following address:

Inspections Policy Process Changes Due to COVID-19

The City of Apple Valley is taking precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We have closed City Hall and other buildings to the public until further notice. 

Per the City of Apple Valley’s Emergency Management Plan, City services are limited to essential services. 

Inspections are an essential service. Therefore, inspections on new commercial, single family, townhomes, tenant finishes, and apartments will continue as usual.

Existing residential inspections that do not require our inspector to go into the home will be scheduled and inspected as usual (examples include roofing, siding, accessory buildings, fence, pools, decks, and retaining walls). 

All inspections (except those listed below) on existing single family dwellings, townhomes, apartments, and duplexes will be scheduled and conducted as normal as long as everyone in the home is healthy. If anyone in the home is unhealthy for any reason, inspections will be conducted in a different manner. Please call our inspections department at 952-953-2588 if someone in your home is unhealthy, and we will work with you to create an inspection process that is safe for the inspectors, workers, and residents. Options that may be used to inspect your project will be through one of the following methods: 

1.  FaceTime if you have an iPhone
2.  Video Chat (such as Skype, Google Duo, etc.)
3.  Pictures at the site viewed outside or sent via email
4.  Based on the location of the work to be inspected, on-site inspections may still be  completed with protective measures such as: social distancing of six feet, wearing gloves/masks, etc.

Work on the permits listed below on existing residential homes, townhomes, apartments, and duplexes that would normally require our inspector to enter the building will have a noticeable change of process. In order to minimize exposure to the public and staff and still provide quality customer service, we are requiring that the following permits be inspected digitally via emailed pictures: 

1.  Window Well Egress (with window in open position, include pictures of height and width of window opening, and height measurements from the floor to the window sill. Include pictures of the height, width, and depth of window well. Tape measure showing measurements must be clearly visible in all pictures)
2.  Furnace (include pictures of the unit, outside of exterior wall or roof where the exhaust terminates, view from about 20 feet from wall, and cover of instruction manual with model number)
3.  Water Heater (include pictures of the unit, vent, outside of exterior wall or roof where the exhaust terminates, view from about 20 feet from wall, and cover of instruction manual with model number)
4.  Water Softener (include pictures of the unit, air gap, bonding clamp, and power source)
5.  Dishwasher (include pictures of water connection and discharge line loop below sink, and above counter air gap when applicable)
6.  Fireplace and Gas line (include pictures of exhaust vent, gas line on air gauge if a new line, unit clearances, and cover of installation guide with model number)
7.  Water shut off valve installation (include picture of valve, along with a clear view of the standard listing stamped on the valve)
8.  Attic Insulation (include pictures of sealing of all air bypasses)

If you need an inspection for one of the above, please do the following:

1.  Email a picture(s) of the scope of your work to The address and/or permit number must be indicated in the subject line or main text of the email. Only send the minimum number of pictures necessary for us to see the scope of work.
2.  Your picture(s) will be sent to one our inspectors. He or she will then review for compliance. The inspector will email you to inform you if it passes or if there are corrections needed.
3.  Call our staff at 952-953-2588 between 8:00am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday, with questions or concerns.

Water Meter purchase procedure City Hall: 

To purchase a new water meter for a new home, contact our inspections department at 952-953-2588 for the amount owed. Please either mail a check to 7100 147th St W, Apple Valley, MN 55124, or drop a check in an envelope labeled “INSPECTIONS” in the red drop box outside of City Hall. Checks must be made payable to the City of Apple Valley. As soon as inspections staff receive the check, they will contact you to arrange a pick-up time. Water meter pick-up will be in the City Hall front vestibule.

Electrical inspections will follow the same procedure as building inspections (see above), and they will still be coordinated through Michael Hawke of Midwest Electrical Technologies. To schedule inspections, you may contact him at 952-997-6822 between 7:00am to 8:30am, Monday through Friday. You may also email him at with additional questions. 

Thank you in advance for your patience during this time.