Residential Fences

Fence Permits: 
Building permits are required for fences over seven feet in height. Fences under seven feet in height do not require a building permit but must meet the location and City ordinance requirements. 

Fence Locations: 
All fences must be located entirely upon the private property owned by the person erecting the fence; including the concrete footing. The fence may be placed directly on the property line if the adjoining property owner agrees in writing. Generally, fences may be erected up to a height of eight feet in the rear and side yard areas. Maximum height in the front yard area is 3 ½ feet.

Pool fences: 
If the pool fence is constructed at the same time of pool installation, and a fence is required, then a separate fence permit is not required. If replacing a required pool fence, a fence permit will be required.

All fences must be constructed in a workman-like manner and be maintained in a reasonable state of repair so as not to become a hazard or nuisance.


All permit applications must be completed and submitted online. The following information/documents must be submitted with the application:

Site plan: 
A survey showing the lot lines, location of the house and the proposed location of the fence must be submitted with the fence location drawn on it. The City of Apple Valley has lot surveys for many (though not all) addresses in the City. To request a copy of your lot survey, please send an e-mail. 

A drawing or picture of the fence must be provided. Supply the location of the support posts. 

Fences over seven feet in height shall be designed by a licensed Structural Engineer, or a National recognized testing agency. The design must meet the requirements of the State Building Code.

If the fence will be located on the property line, a written agreement with the owner of the adjoining property must be provided to the City.


  1. Footing Inspection: 
    A footing inspection is required for all fences that are over seven feet in height. The owner or a surveyor must locate the property line and the corner stakes shall be marked.
  2. Final Inspection: 
    A final inspection should be scheduled after the fence is complete.

To schedule any and all inspections, please call us at 952-953-2588.