New Single-Family Dwelling


When submitting an application for a building permit for new single-family dwellings, please provide or show proof of all the information below through our online ProjectDox site:

  • General contractor and sub-contractors’ names, current license numbers, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.

  • PLAT and Addresses recorded prior to submission of the permit application.

  • Submit detailed, digital plans to scale on the ProjectDox site including but not limited to:
    • Foundation/footing plan(s) and engineered foundation wall design and insulation,
    • Radon control system and location,
    • Floor plan(s) including all beam and joist manufacturers, sizes, and spacing,
    • Braced wall layout plan(s) indicating braced wall panel locations, type, and connections,
    • Cross section(s), elevation plan(s), and stairway details,
    • Thermal envelope and insulation values in all exterior walls, foundations, rims, floors, and ceilings.
  • Submit with building plans a Certificate of Survey to scale prepared by a Minnesota registered land surveyor complying with City survey requirements including elevations and setbacks.

  • Submit with building plans Insulation and Fenestration (air leakage) requirements written on plans or separate sheets verifying compliance with Minnesota Energy code section R402 climate zone 6 including but not limited to:
    • Energy code Table R402.1.1, including R-values, fenestration U-factors, and SHGC’s,
    • R-value computation methods utilized per R402.1.2,
    • U-factor alternative, if used, per R402.1.3,
    • Total UA alternative, if used, per R402.1.4.
  • Submit with building plans documentation on the verifying compliance with mechanical provisions of Minnesota Energy code section R403 including but not limited to:
    • Equipment system controls and ventilation system fan efficiencies,
    • Calculated heat loss/gain and calculated cooling load verifying HVAC sizing,
    • Balanced mechanical ventilation calculations verifying compliance with Table R403.5.2.
  • Submit with building plans International Fuel Gas Code (IFGC) Appendix E, Worksheet E-1 calculating combustion air size or IFGC Table 304.1, combustion air requirements for gas-fired appliances.

  • Submit International Mechanical Code (IMC) Table 501.4.1 calculating makeup air quantity.

  • Apply online for a Natural Resources Permit Application (NRMP) if required. Contact Natural Resources at 952-953-2464.

The above submittals define a complete application for a Building Permit for a new single-family dwelling (MSBC 1300.0130). Complete applications will be accepted for developments that are approved and open for permits. If the submitted documents are not accurate or additional information is required, delays in the approval process may occur. You will be contacted when the plan review and fee calculation has been completed. Upon receipt of payment, the permit will be issued.


Three Survey’s Required:

  1. Proposed Certificate of Survey at the Time of Permit Application.
  2. Foundation As-built survey prior to scheduling the foundation inspection. 
  3. A final Grading As-built survey must be submitted and approved prior to closing of the (NRMP) Natural Resources Permit


  1. Lot number
  2. Block number
  3. Subdivision name
  4. Name, address, phone number, and email address of general contractor


  1. Lot dimensions
  2. Easements along property lines
  3. Special drainage or utility easements, if any
  4. Existing lot elevations at:
    • Lot corners
    • Lot lines adjacent to major building corners
    • Top of curb at each corner and at center line of proposed driveway
  5. Propose lot elevations at:
    • Lot corner
    • Spot elevations for drainage, if swaled through lot
    • Spot elevation on major contour changes
  6. Arrows indicating direction of surface drainage
  7. Service location


  1. Building elevations:
    • Lowest floor
    • Top of block
    • Garage slab
    • Lookout/egress windows
    • Top of enclosure around egress windows
  2. Existing ground elevations at building corners
  3. Proposed ground elevations at building corners and center of back of building
  4. Building dimensions
  5. Setback dimensions
  6. Dimensions from building corners to lot lines
  7. Type of basements
    • Standard walkout
    • Full basement
    • Lookout

*Certificates shall be signed by a Licensed Land Surveyor in the State of MN

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