Oven Cleaning Safety

Are you using the self-cleaning feature on your oven?

Before beginning, read and follow the manufacturer's use and safety instructions.   If a fire starts in the oven, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO OPEN THE DOOR. 
Get out of the house and Call 911.
The fire department will respond to investigate.
Self-cleaning oven feature heats up the oven to 900 degrees to incinerate food particles.   Keep pets, children and anything that could start on fire AWAY! This is extreme heat. 
It is 7 times hotter than your water heater is set.
Self-cleaning can be a FIRE HAZARD with high temps igniting food particles and grease.   Pre-clean a cold oven to remove grease and larger food particles.
Fumes and carbon monoxide can emanate from the process.   To help prevent sickness in anyone who suffers existing respiratory issues, Open the windows 
and run the hood vent fan.
The process produces smoke that may set off the smoke alarms.   Ventilate with open windows and run the hood vent fan.
The self-cleaning process may take 3 to 6 hours to complete.    Repair calls are common for ovens following the extreme heat of the self-cleaning process. 
Fuses may blow and control panels may burn
and lead to a fire.
The oven door will lock until the process is complete and the oven is cool.   The oven and the door will be extremely hot. Keep all pets and children away from the kitchen and the heat.
Self Cleaning Oven