Fire Safety Checklist

Apple Valley Fire promotes safety through education. We urge you to use this checklist around your home, the most basic steps you must follow for the safety of you and your entire family. Download the Fire Safety Checklist to print and use in your home. 

  • SMOKE ALARMS are on every level of the home, inside and outside of sleeping areas.
  • Smoke alarms are less than 10 YEARS old, are tested monthly, and batteries changed each year.
  • CARBON MONOXIDE alarms are installed on every level of the home, less than 7 YEARS old, tested monthly, and new batteries installed each year.
  • Be safe in the kitchen! Stay and Look When You Cook.
  • KEEP IT CLEAR. The oven and stovetop are not designed for storage.
  • Maintain a 3-FOOT rule for children and pets in the kitchen.
  • When doing laundry, clean the LINT SCREEN after every load. Clean the entire duct at least once a year.
  • Have a professional check the safe operation of your appliances, especially gas-powered appliances, and the fireplace chimney. 
  • Store chemicals and flammables safely, away from utilities, open flame and children.
  • Overloading electrical circuits, damaged cords, and missing outlet covers can lead to a fire.
  • The GARAGE is full of flammable fuels and liquids; reduce quantities responsibly, and consider using an approved steel safety cabinet for storage. 
  • RECREATIONAL FIRES and GRILLS are open flames. Know the ordinances and practice safety.
  • Your kitchen, utility room, and garage FIRE EXTINGUISHERS are fully charged, mounted for easy access, and less than 12 YEARS old. 
  • The HOUSE NUMBER is visible from the street, on a contrasting background.
  • The FIRE HYDRANTS in the area are clear of foliage, debris, snow and ice in a 3-foot circumference. 
  • All home occupants know how to respond to an alarm, know 2 WAYS OUT and have a MEETING PLACE outside.
  • For your ultimate safety, the DOOR between the home and the attached garage must self-close and fully latch.Blazing garage fire never entered the home through the self-closing, fully latched door

The number to call for police, ambulance, or FIRE is 9-1-1, emergency and non-emergency.

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