Mobile Food Units (Food Trucks)

A fire code inspection approved by the Apple Valley Fire Marshal is required to operate a food truck in the City of Apple Valley. Approved inspections are valid for twelve months from inspection date and must be available upon request. 

For questions or to schedule an inspection, contact Fire Marshal Brian Kilmartin at 952-953-2680.

Items covered on the inspection checklist for Mobile Food Units (Food Trucks):

Exhaust Hood

  • Cooking equipment that produces grease-laden vapors is protected by a type I commercial kitchen exhaust hood (MSFC 319.1)
  • UL 1046 grease filters are installed and clean (MSFC 607.3.1 & 607.3.3)
  • Exhaust hood inspected and clean, proper tag or label is affixed to the hood (MSFC 607.3.3.3)

Fire Protection for Cooking Equipment

  • Exhaust hood is equipped with a fire suppression system (MSFC 319.4.1 & 904.2.2)
  • Manual means of activation present (MSFC 904.3.2)
  • Automatic means of activation present (MSFC 904.3.2)
  • Automatic fuel shutoff present (MSFC 904.3.3)
  • Automatic electrical shutoff present (MSFC 904.3.3)
  • System discharge nozzles are directed at the proper cooking surface (NFPA 17A)
  • Protective caps in place on discharge nozzles (NFPA 17A)
  • System has been inspected and tested within 6 months (MSFC 904.5.1)

Fire Extinguishers

  • Class K fire extinguisher present for cooking fires (MSFC 906.4)
  • Minimum of one 2A10BC fire extinguisher present for ordinary fires (MSFC 906.3)
  • Fire extinguishers are mounted in conspicuous locations and unobstructed (MSFC 906.5 & 906.6)
  • Annual inspection has been performed by qualified individual or contractor (NFPA 10)

LP Fuel for Cooking

  • Maximum aggregate amount of LP gas does  not exceed 200 lbs. (MSFC 319.8.1)
  • LP gas cylinders are securely mounted to the vehicle (MSFC 319.8.2)
  • Shutoff valves on all gas cylinders are readily accessible (NFPA 58:
  • Listed LP Gas alarm is present (MSFC 319.9)

Appliance Connection to Fuel Supply

  • Gas cooking appliances are secured in placed (MSFC 319.5)
  • Movement restraining devices are installed on gas appliances (MSFC 319.5)

General Safety

  • Area is free from excessive trash and other combustible materials-egress (MSFC 304.1.1)
  • Combustible materials are maintained in an approved manner and located away from ignition sources (MSFC 305.1)
  • Appliances shall be located so that a fire at any appliance will not block egress of persons from the vehicle. (NFPA 58:
  • Parked vehicle does not obstruct the fire apparatus access road in any manner (MSFC 503.4)
  • Unobstructed access to fire hydrants is provided (MSFC507.5.4)
  • Power taps and multiplug adapters comply with NFPA 70 / NEC (MSFC 604.4 & NEC 400.10)
  • Flexible extension cords are listed/ labeled, free from damage, and located away from public areas (MSFC604.5)


  • Hood and ducts clean of grease
  • Ansel System Serviced and Tagged
  • Fire Extinguisher Serviced and Tagged
  • Type K Fire Extinguisher (Cooking with Grease)
  • Exit is Clear of obstructions


  • Truck/Trailer Contains: __Propane  __Natural Gas 
  • Propane tanks properly secured
  • Electrical Connections clean and damaged free
  • Type K Fire Extinguisher (Cooking with Grease)
  • Exit is Clear of obstructions