Cable Franchise

The Apple Valley, Farmington, Rosemount Cable Commission (AFRCC) is a joint powers organization for franchising agreements and video services for each member city. Residents who subscribe to cable television with Spectrum Communications receive local Government, Educational, and Public Access channels.

Spectrum Communications has non-exclusive franchise agreements to provide cable television services to the communities of Apple Valley, Farmington, and Rosemount. Included in the agreement is a requirement for the cable company to provide channels for PEG (public, educational, and government) use.


  1. Can the City do anything to lower my bill?

The City cannot regulate what Spectrum charges for their services.

  1. Why isn’t there another company with a cable franchise in Apple Valley?
  1. Why doesn’t Spectrum pro-rate their billing if I am cancelling services?
  1. Does Spectrum have the right to work in my yard without my permission?
  1. Why can’t a different company like Comcast or Mediacom use the existing cabling to provide their services?
  1. Should I contact the City if I have an issue with Spectrum?

Contact Information

If you are experiencing issues with your cable television service, please contact Spectrum Communications. If you are unable to resolve your cable television issue, you may contact the AFRCC at (952) 953-2686 or file a complaint online.