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Posted on: February 24, 2020

Prevent water damage and adverse runoff conditions as the snow melts!

Icicles Hang from Roof in front of windows

As the large amount of snow accumulation piles up and begins to melt simple steps can be taken to prevent water damage and ensure adverse water run-off and ponding does not occur in your neighborhood.

If you have had icicles hanging from your roof this winter it may signal that a significant amount of heat is escaping from your home through your roof.  Not only will this raise your heating costs; if left unchecked, it could cause damage to you...

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Code Enforcement
Posted on: February 17, 2020

Understand and follow parking requirements in residential neighborhoods!

driveway full of parked cars

In order to protect the character and tranquility of residential neighborhoods throughout the City, the City of Apple Valley restricts the total number of passenger vehicles that may be parked outside at a residential property to four (4) at any time.

No more than a total four (4) passenger vehicles may be parked outside on a residential property at any time.  A residential parking permit, however, can be obtained through the City’s Planning Division that would allow up to, but no mo...

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Apply Here... Code Enforcement
Posted on: February 10, 2020

Non-passenger vehicles may service, but should not be stored in residential neighborhoods!

Food Truck on street

To maintain quality residential neighborhoods, non-passenger vehicles are prohibited in residential districts unless loading, unloading, or otherwise rendering a service.

Non-passenger vehicles are defined as motor vehicles, over 8 feet in height or over 22 feet in length, vehicles with a one ton or more carrying capacity, or any vehicles or trailers not customary or incidental to the use or occupancy of residential proper...

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Code Enforcement
Posted on: February 3, 2020

Residential rental properties should be registered with the City and properly maintained!

house with for sale sign in yard

Did you know that rental properties in Apple Valley should be registered with the City?

Residential rental properties should be registered with the City of Apple Valley.  The registration process requires a one-time registration with the City and a record of the following:

  1. Contact information for the owner/manager of the property
  2. Addr...
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