How do I register my bicycle with the AVPD?

Due to the large number of bicycles recovered in the City each year, the City introduced this new program to help match up recovered bikes with their original owners. The program consists of residents registering their bikes in with the Apple Valley Police Department. Each bike is then assigned an identification number and its owner supplied with a tamper-proof sticker to affix to the frame of the bike. The data is then entered on the police department's bike registration list. When a bike is recovered, the officer will check it for the identification sticker and based on that number, be able to search the database to find the owner. To register your bikes, please fill out the bike registration form (one form per bike please) and return it to the Apple Valley Police Department at 7100 147th St. W., or fax it in to (952) 953-2733. If you choose to mail or fax the registration, your stickers and instructions for use will be mailed to you. For more information, contact the Apple Valley Police Department at (952) 953-2700.

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