Who came up with this plan?

Apple Valley residents played a major role in shaping this investment plan. Residents were asked for their input to help establish priorities over the course of the last two years through meetings, social pinpoint comments, emails, surveys, etc. The Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee (PRAC) also played a significant role in the community engagement process. Results from two statistically accurate community phone surveys helped the PRAC narrow down options and priorities. Since then, we have continued to listen to feedback and views through events, surveys, and other activities. Based on this feedback, City staff developed a long-term plan to invest in our parks and recreation system and the services it supports.

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1. Why is the City putting forward an investment plan for the park system at this time?
2. What is the plan the City is proposing to voters?
3. Who came up with this plan?
4. Will my taxes increase all at once?
5. If the referendum passes, is there a way for me to receive any property tax relief?
6. Will the City use local contractors for this project if the Parks Referendum passes?
7. Can't we wait a few more years to make improvements?
8. Have Apple Valley residents been involved in the planning process?
9. Why aren't there detailed drawings of the proposed new construction?
10. How much will this Parks Referendum cost and how will it be funded?
11. What are the other funding sources the City plans to use?
12. What is happening with the new Youth Baseball/Softball Complex?
13. I thought the City was going to use synthetic turf for the Youth Baseball/Softball Complex?
14. What is happening at Redwood Park?
15. What is happening at Kelley Park?
16. Will the City be making strides to improve the environment?
17. If the Parks Referendum passes, what happens next?
18. What happens if the Parks Referendum isn't approved?