Why is my smoke alarm chirping when I have no smoke?

First, make absolutely certain that there is no smoke in the area. If you cannot be certain, call 9-1-1 to have a fire truck respond with the monitors and other appropriate equipment they carry to ensure that there is not a smoldering fire.

Detectors that chirp when there is no smoke probably are:

  • Dirty - Take down your detector and vacuum out the exterior and interior.
  • Weak - Batteries need to be changed once a year. It is publicly suggested that batteries are changed when daylight saving time begins each year.
  • Old - Smoke alarms have a general life span of 10 years. If your alarm is operating improperly and is near that age, it must be replaced.

Questions about smoke alarms can be answered at (952) 953-2600 during regular business hours.

For more information on Smoke Alarms, Click Here to visit our webpage. 

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