Do you offer tours of fire stations?
Yes. The fire marshal has developed a fire safety education program that is incorporated into station tours for guests of all ages. These tours can be scheduled by calling the fire marshal or by requesting a scheduled tour on this website.

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1. Does the city allow recreational fires?
2. Does the city allow barbecue grills or recreational fires on balconies or patios in multi-family dwellings?
3. Do you offer tours of fire stations?
4. Why is my smoke detector chirping when I have no smoke?
5. How do I know my smoke detector is too old?
6. The gauge on my fire extinguisher is empty. Where do I get it recharged?
7. The fire hydrant in my neighborhood is covered with snow - who do I call to come dig it out?
8. My neighbor planted shrubs all around the hydrant in their yard. Is that ok?
9. Can I have my child’s birthday party at a fire station?
10. Can the Fire Department help make sure my infant car seat is installed correctly?