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Water Turn Off Request

  1. We require a 24 hour notice to schedule turn-off's along with this completed form. Please note that there is a $55.00 charge (or current Council approved fee) to have water service restored, and a turn-on request form will have to be submitted to the Utility Billing Department prior to service being restored. Base charges will continue to be billed to the owner on record for the service address.
  2. Name of Person Submitting Request (if different from Owner):
  3. If Person submitting this request is not the owner of record of the property, then state your legal interest in the property and your authority to make this request. You must file a copy of all documents evidencing claimed interest with this request.
  4. Please check below:*
    We request that someone be present when the municipal water service is turned off whenever possible.
  5. If someone will be present at the time the water service is turned off:
  6. By submitting this request form, I hereby state and certify that I have a legal interest in the property identified above and, therefore, I have authority to direct the City to shut off the municipal water service to the property. I further state, acknowledge, and agree to assume any and all responsibility for any damage to or in the property that may result from the shut off of the municipal water to the property. I further agree to waive any right to any claim or liability against the City and I release the City from any damage to or loss on the property as a result of the City's actions in accordance with this request.
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